Alden branshaw today.

Alden Branshaw today.

King Alden

King Alden in his formal wear.

Branshaw Crest

The Branshaw Crest; Created by Alden Branshaw I.

Orphan Life In The Lum

To Be Written

Moving Up In The World, Step By Step

To Be Written

Making Great Allies, & Receiving Fascinating Rewards

To Be Written

A Loss In Politics

To Be Written

Patience Is Rewarding

To Be Written

An Attack On A Great Friend

To Be Written

A War Against His Mind

To Be Written

Before, During, And After The Varrock Siege

To Be Written


To Be Written

Alden branshaw in his mid-age

Alden Branshaw in his mid-ages.

The Ambition Returns

To Be Written

Notable Quotes

"He is not a leader but simply a follower put in a leaders giant shoes.. He isn't big enough for them."

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