Aryyl Coldyew


Aryyl Coldyew is a Mercenary by nature, and a woodcutter by choice. He has no problem doing either.


Character name: Aryyl Coldyew (something about loving a real madrid? what?)

Time-Zone: Central time Us:Canada

Age: 32

Gender: Male 

Job: Mercenary/Specialty Tree Surgeon

Skills: Extremely good at Swordplay, Basic at Archery, Awful at magic.

Appearance: Fair skin, black hair, green eyes and a scar on the left thumb and right calf. He has a beard

Race: Human

Personality: Eccentric and Determined. He can be quiet and brooding at times but is mostly outgoing.

Strengths: Leadership, woodcutting, Swordplay.

Weaknesses: Terrible at cooking,Cleaning,and Persuasion.

History:Five years past he worked as a mercenary for hire. He signed on with the black arm gang killing members of the phoenix gang. He left to find a quieter life and settle down. This did not happen. One year ago he got a job as a Lumber worker at the Lumber Yard, and has a hobby of woodcutting. He has past experience of fighting and running from the Asgarnian law enforcement. Around five years ago he started doing work for people who needed other people hurt or killed. Eventually he settled down and bought a house near Edgeville. He fled after being ovverun by goblins. Currently he resides in a room Blue Moon Inn.