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This roleplay no longer exists.

It's been five months since Edgeville was repaired from the goblin invasion. Since then, the village has flourished under the rule of five Senators as a lumber capitol, serving as both a vital lumber supplier to both Varrock and Falador. However, the Governor, the leader of the Senate, has been killed on his daily route though the Edgeville Dungeon whilst overseeing progress there. Now the vote for a new Governor is between the Financial Advisor, Lumberkeeper, Military Commander, and Lawkeeper. The Financial Advisor and Lumberkeeper have their votes in support of an old, wise Governor candidate who is anti-violent, and the Military Commander and Lawkeeper want the younger candidate, who seeks a militiarised Edgeville.

So, with the vote in eternal tie, the two sides have begun to sabotage each other. The military no longer receives government funding, and the laws are on the fritz, suggesting death penalties and high taxes for lumberjacks. Each side just needs to kill one of the other Senators, then the vote would be settles. But it wouldn't. Edgeville has been caught in a seemingly endless cycle of uprising and mutiny.

And caught between it are the monks of the Monastarey. Caught inbetween belief that law is the only option, no matter how extreme the cost, and that the wisdom of the finance keepers should be agreed with and followed makes even the sacred temple of Saradomin a warzone.

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