1000px-Goblin Village

Goblin Village Square.

Headed by Chieftain Braindeath, the Goblin Village and its Tribe are located north of Falador, on the edge of the wilderness. It was originally founded there because of its location, with the Wilderness on the north, Ice mountain on the east, and Burthrope to the west. The original tribe was wiped out and Braindeath moved into the empty village.

On the banks of the River Lum, a tribe grew. Descendants of the ancient goblin tribes, part of a scattered remnant from the God Wars, these modern goblins did their best to carry on the Big-High-War-God's message. A message of war and death, battle and turmoil. Travelers are welcomed into the village with open arms, irons, and whips. The goblins are a battle-hungry people, and they know no remorse.

However, the Tribe was no match for the combined might of the Lumbridge and Al Kharid guards. The goblins moved to safer pastures to avoid being harassed by stray guard patrols. They moved to an abandoned village north of Falador, straddling the fields of the Wilderness torn apart by their ancestors Ages ago. The village was at one time the abode of an ork and his fearsome followers, it has now fallen into the hands of the Tribe.


Goblins all listening to orders.


The entrance to the Village.