Gravin And

A photo of Gravin Andon, taken on 12th Auguest 2012.

Gravin Andon joined runescape on the 7th December 2005, having spent most of his time up untill 2011, Free lancing in small groups with his friends, On the 21st of July 2011 he joined the roleplay of Al-Kharid, which was under the rule of Wackyboy1123 (Cuthrus), Starting off as a elven character of the name "Islywn Vuriador", he joined the guards and remained within Kharid up untill the destruction of the city by the hands of a Mahjarrat. Gravin Andon was then handed the City of Al-kharid, having ruled over it for a few weeks it was given over to Heretical_CA, He then travelled to Varrock where his orginal elf (Islwyn) took on the alias of Charles Harvard, he was present at the signing of the histrocial Four corners treaty, After the issue was resolved, He withdrew from the city and spent time wondering.

In 2012, He was one of the few people to exit world 41, Heading to world 20 along with other roleplayers who sensed that a new oppertunity to build a better roleplay world, this only lasted a matter of weeks but he was one of the first to go to world 20, along with You_R_Cookie.

In 2013, he raised the Kinshra and the Thieves guild, the latter being handed to a close friend Benthomasoc, Due to not having enough spare time to lead both, However the Kinshra have had a steady road, which has numerous roleplaying sessions within the week.

On the 21st of July he celebrated his 3 year veteranship

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Roleplays lead/owned by Gravin

  • Kinshra
  • Thieves Guild
  • Al-Kharid
  • The Yease Family
  • Dwarven Smithery Inc.
  • Falador ( briefly after S&S was blacklisted.)
  • Edgeville