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Hera and her puppy.

Aedos Hera Dunn is an aspiring and kind woman who was raised in Falador by her father. Her mother died shortly after giving birth to her second child, (Hera's younger sister, Ellyn). She prefers to be called by her second name, Hera.

Early lifeEdit

Hera was raised by both of her parents, until she was nearly 2 when the birth of her sister resulted in her mother dying, leaving Hera's father to raise both children. As a young girl growing up in Falador she took to melee combat well, training often with the help of a family friend who was a knight, however when she was 14 she was given a small oak bow by a travelling adventurer and took to it naturally. She spent the next 5 years developing strong archery skills, and for several years taught younger children in Falador how to use swords as a means of generating some money. During this time her sister left home to travel and to this day hasn't re-gained contact with Hera.


At the age of 19 her father passed away, not being able to recover from an illness that local doctors could not identify - this left Hera with a small fortune to which she banked half for her sister, if she should ever meet her again. In the next few years Hera learnt basic crafting skills and more intermediate sewing and tailoring skills and through this, earnt money by repairing clothing, whilst at night time working at the local bar. At 21 she sold the family home and traveled for several years, finally purchasing a home in Varrock and settling there to re-start her  tailoring business.