House blain heraldry

The heraldry of House Blain, which all its members used as their personal arms until Weardsten.

Weardsten banner

The banner-of-arms and lesser coat-of-arms of Weardsten Blain, current monarch of Asgarnia, sewn into a swallowtail pattern.

House Blain is a noble family from the province now called Vaywood within the empire of Asgarnia, on the border between the old territories of Falador and Sarim (and on the North Sarimian side). The first two generations of nobility, and the commoners who came before, all lived in this general region, probably beginning their history as loyal soldiers to the Seacloak regime over 700 years ago; though it was Arthsenhal, only the third generation of true nobility in House Blain, that rose the name to notoriety for his exploits in his quest to become king.

The first distinguished soldier of House Blain was Ceogwa, who was knighted for valorous service to a Sarimian Count. Two of his sons, Renhal and Galhim, both beared children, though it was the eldest, Renhal, who gave him a grandchild he could be proud to call his own. While Galhim and his child, Frumhara, quickly succumbed to a more decadent lifestyle, Renhal and Arthsenhal remained close to Sarim's courts, tending well to their needs, the needs of their subjects, and the goings-on of the nation.

Blain family tree

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