☀now this is a story all about how Edit

my life got flipped, turned upside-down

now i'd like to take a minute, just sit and talk

I'll tell you how I became the king of a town called Varrock


in the castle, where i spent most of my days

chillin out, sharpenin' my rune scimitars

i never had a dad, the guards taught me to spar

when a couple of guys, a real pile of scum

starting causing trouble in the town of Lum

my half-sister was poisoned and my mum started wailin'

she said "I need to leave so you can be the king of Misthalin"

she whistled for a carriage, and once it came near

she didn't look back, she's all but disappeared

if anything i could say i was just a bit awed

but now it's all good because i'm free to godmod

i pulled up to a kingdom a few blocks to the west

and i yelled to the serfs, "hey guys, here's a gov'nor!"

but it was taken away, and they conquered the shore,

and that is why i hate the guy who leads Falador