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Username: Maarek94

Age(IC): 42

Name(IC): Mike Mountain

Strengths: He is a expert at wielding his sword and prefers close combat to anything else, He is also good at skilling and transportatsion magic and he doesn't feel any pain in neather of his arms, He is also a expert survivalist because of the five years he spent in the wilderness he knows almost everything about the wilderness. Knows how to speak and read the language of dragons.

Weaknesses: His combat magic is unstable so he doesn't use it unless apsolutely nessesary, he knows little to nothing about bows but he can still fire them. He is usualy weighed down because of his armor and he is a very heavy drinker.

Personality: No remorse or mercy can be recieved from this man, when he decides he will kill someone he will do it without hesitasion. He has a unpleasant presence about him so most stay away from him, But beyond everything else he is easily approachable and friendly.

Appearance: Always wears his armor and has his sword and shield at the ready, he has a long beard and long hair, his blade is covered in blood most of the time. His blade and armor are very well kept and are always combat ready.


Mike's past is unknown to even himself, He had lost all of his memories of his childhood when he was 9, he had lived in the wilderness for 6 years after loosing his memories. Mike then headed for the town of Lumbridge and joined the guards, after beeing in the guards for 10 years he decited it would be a good time to leave and go exploring, because he didn't know anything about the world exept what he had learned in those 16 years. He also knows how to speak and read the language of dragons but he doesn't know why.

He decited he should start training in the art of magic So he headed towards the Wizards tower to become a mage. His first few month there were not what he had expected, he was not good at combat spells at all, because most of the time when he casted them they would suddenly turn unstable and blow up in his hands. Because of his countless failed attempts to learn combat magic he can not feel any pain in neather of his arms. The only kind of magic he was any good at was skilling and transporting magic, he could not use any combat spells because of his instabilety with magic, so he sticked to what he knew, Swordfighting. After training in the wizards tower for 2 years he went back to training his skill with a sword. The 10 years of training went by faster than he fought and before he knew it he was signing the contract to join the guards of Varrock, He had then served the king for 5 years after retiering