Lord Nero Eldrich Derrek "Old Man" Cadhar


Lord Nero Eldrich Derrek Cadhar, standing on the bridge of Falador Castle

Was one of the former lords of Falador and one of the prominent members of the infamous Gatekeepers untill his tales about corruption within its ranks, followed by his mysterious disappearance and implosion of his private castle, It has been said that he has been taken out by the corrupt members of the gatekeepers.

He is rarely seen in the cities, his features, as far told by the few sights, is a scarred, rimpled face, a rather big hat, long white hair and a long beard, sometimes seen wearing armour, sometimes in robes, he stands 6'5" tall.

Feats and skills

Lord Cadhar has been one of the participants in a series of wars as an ally of a certain warlord, and has since then been in many of his onslaughts against many of the Gatekeepers' enemies.

Lord Cadhar has had quite some experience in magic, being 421 years old he has experimented with magic en masse, he also seems to have a remarkable strength for his age, being able to lift a two-handed sword and wearing a near full set of armor.

Although he has a remarkable strength he prefers light weapons and speed, being a user of daggers, scimitars, javelins and shortswords.


Lord Cadhar has a quite extraordinary personality, being remarked as "quirky" in a few ocassions, though he is rather intellectual.

He is shown to be a caring and protective man who seems to be willing to fight for his friends in any aspect necessary, trying to help them whenever they ask a favor.


Lord Cadhar had a steady amount of gold before the collapse of his castle, being the former owner of multiple trading and shipping companies, it is unknown wether he had any amount of coins stashed at other locations, his former companies are now in hands of The Gatekeepers.

Character Sheet

  • Character name: Nero Eldrich Derrek Cadhar
  • Race: Human.
  • Age: 421
  • Gender: Male.
  • Appearance: 6'5" tall, alot of facial hair, mostly wears a large hat, white hair, scarred face.
  • Battle tactics: Nero's battletactics vary from provoking to sneak attack to swift punching to anything
  • Weapons and gear: He has a blue-painted steel armour, minus the helmet stashed in his home, which he'll ocasionally wear, also a set of wizardry robes he bought a long time ago. His weaponry varies from daggers to scimitars to two handed swords, he also had a wand.
  • Strengths: A quick mind and reflex.
  • Flaws: He can be drawn into a state of mind if anyone knows about certain things in his past.


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