Commander Korl standing on top of The Varrockian Palace proudly after a promotion taking in the view of the beautiful city.

Commander Nicholas Korl is the current commander of the Varrockian second division. He has made numerous vicotries and is currently in service to the Varrokian armed forces. Commander Korl grew up in Varrock his parents were both in the armed forces his father was a Commander like himself usually postioned on varrock's north border. However due to a battle with Black Knights he was killed in protecting the city in varrock. His mother who was very religious taught him Saradomist values and his fathers legacy. This made Commander Korl rise through the ranks once he enlisted into the army. Commander Korl at 35 was promoted to Commander of the second shock Division. He spent much of his first few months organizing his portion of the army and training them to be a crack division in varrocks army.

Combat MissionsEdit

At age 36 he was deployed to Al Kharid to help stabilize the country after the death of the Khardian General to rebel hands. In the first initial battle he organized the defence against rebels using several formations including a doubble lined shield wall to protect missile fire, However due to a lack of archers he was unable to unadvance and was only able to inflict casulaties on their foot soliders. Later on during the same campain he reformed his division to use crossbows in order to kill archers.


After his campain in the khardian deserts he returned to a cheering crowd and was rewarded with a commendation from the varrockian nobles.

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