If you have any questions and/or concerns with anything on the wikia please comment on this page and Killup444 or You R Cookie shall reply as soon as possible, thanks.

General Questions:

Q: Can I feed the Khardians?

A: No. It's highly dangerous


Q: Who are you?

A: What?


Q: World 41 is inactive – Little to no roleplay.

A: Actually, World 41 has TONS of roleplay. Just because you don’t see anyone roleplaying in areas that you check and at those time, or you don’t see that many posts on the threads, does not mean that the roleplay on the world itself is dead. Try visiting the global Friends Chat: Vhosýthe42 (I used ý because the Forums censor it for some reason.)


Q: World 41 is a new roleplay world.

A:World 41 has been around for several years, and actually predates World 42 de-facto. Only Jagex’s decision to make 42 the first “official” roleplay world maintains this delusion. In actuality, there were clans using 41 as their unofficial roleplaying base at least as early as 2009, and perhaps earlier.


Q: World 41 does not allow Fantasy elements of any kind. Magic is entirely banned.

A: This delusion has such longevity for the same reason as slogans like “Yes we can” and “Change we can believe in”: in the same way that fast food is more popular than home-cooked finery, it is easily swallowed and requires very little effort to produce. More likely than not, you hear this excuse from the person who tried to single handedly wipe out a room full of soldiers with magic, or so on. In reality, World 41 is a place where Fantasy is not only allowed but encouraged---on the condition that it fits plausibly into the setting, which is much grittier than the average Swords & Sorcery tale.

World 41 has been host to Fantasy elements including but not limited to:

-A Mahjarrat (albeit one with a glaring physical weakness)

-Several Aviansie

-Mages, especially of fire and ice

-Sea serpents

-Dragons and the hoards they protect

The concept of world-building is as vital to this server as the heart or liver is to the body of a man. If it makes sense, and builds up upon the foundations of the lore we have created, it is received with open arms; if, however, the white-haired protagonist of your story, with one purple eye and one red one, is dual-wielding flaming katanas in search of bandits who killed his parents for no real reason, do not rely on the pity of the community when you are candidly rejected from joining. Without realism, there would be fewer rules. With fewer rules, instead of fun, there would be more arguing on what is happening in the roleplay. One of the many reasons that most of 41 loves realism in our roleplaying.