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Welcome to the Runescape World 41 Roleplay WikiEdit

World 41 is the unofficial roleplay world for free players.

World 41 roleplay is centered around POCs, Mainly: Falador, Varrock, Al Kharid and Lumbridge. Although there are smaller roleplays, such as Draynor and Edgeville. A role-playing world notably smaller than that of its elder and bigger brother "World 42" it remains here to this day a central point for all F2P role-playing activity; a world which has faced times of rapid decline – or growth, it is still a developing one and is still hitherto accumulating players from all over Runescape, including world-42'ers – beginners in role-play – experienced – and many-many more.

World 41 juxtaposed with world 42, stands out for itself alone with no other equivalent (just as with the P2P capital of role-play) with its players, standards and status.

Why did you make this wiki?Edit

I made this wiki because I felt that world 41 needs a depository for character sheets and roleplay clans information. Also, it acts as a great way for those new to Roleplay to integrate.

Latest activityEdit