Name: Saleh Dinh.

Age: 41

Race: Human

Appearance: Wears light desert robes, colored white. His face is usually kept covered with a sheet to prevent inhaling sand. Brown complexion, with short cut hair.

Personality: Through holding the rank of Earth Archmage in the Wizard's Tower, Saleh demonstrates his affinity for teaching. For this reason, he is often sought out for advice for initiate mages, though more advanced techniques outside of earth are unknown to him. He is an avid historian, collecting books regularly. His ambition, however, can get in front of him quite often. To his students, he displays a fierce protection.

History: History: I remember the village. It was an oasis in the desert, a bright spot. We had a well, a steady supply of water... it was a peaceful life. Like most of the men in the village, I joined the militia to fend off bandits. But I dreamt of something more, a richer life. So when I heard stories of men and women who could control sand, the very basis of the world as I knew it, I was instantly enticed. So I set foot, bold in my youth, to find these mysterious mages. I quickly learned that this was no ordinary myth. As I made stops, I found many helpful people who had heard of them, and pointed me in their direction. And at last, after weeks of fruitless searching, I found a temple. Not to be found were any people. I subsided on the reserves of food I found there, and studied in its library. Ancient tomes taught me wonders, the ability to manipulate all sand. I found that I could use it as an effective barrier, a deadly weapon, cover... unlike the traditional elements, I had a creative freedom. Even air mages could not have this mastery over the desert itself. I honed my abilities day and night in the temple, increasing my skills in thinomancy. As my skills increased, I found that I could turn even normal rock into sand with enough effort. After a decade of learning, I decided to leave the temple to return to my village. However, when I came, I saw nothing, but felt a presence beneath the sand. The village had been buried. Using my powers, I cast the sand off, but I found only tattered corpses. I set off, now devoid of a home. Whilst on my travels, I befriended others like me, who could also harness energies to control the world around me. I soon joined the Wizard's tower as a close friend of Isaac's.

Recently, Saleh died. Only the other wizards of the Tower know how