The Cyclops

The Cyclops

There is little known about The Cyclops, where does he come from? What are his motivations? These questions are what spins through the head of most who see this slim, tall, yet muscled individual.

As far as rumors consisted: the Cyclops was a young adventurer who was born in edgeville, at the age of 12 he was intrigued by its danger. He took combat training with as a thought that he would chart the wilderness one day and make it a living place.

Starting his adventureEdit

At the age of 17, he said goodbye to his home and his family, not knowing what kind of dangers he would find,as he had only seen the skelletons roaming its border.

Equiped with only an iron sword and a leather armor, he started going over the border, slaying the skeletons with ease, no idea, what could be awaiting him more.


It were about two weeks, and the adventurer was hiding out in some old ruins, hiding from the ghosts that came after him once he shook of a quarry of chaos dwarves. He felt somewhat lightheaded from lack of sleep, being unable to sleep for more than a few minutes as he went deeper into the wilderness.

One month had past, the adventurers madness had finally taken over him, running out towards the dark warrior's castle, slaughtering inside as mad laughter came from the castle.

After the onslaught in the castle he came out, mutilated, wounded, holding a bloodied two-hander he took from the grasp of a dying warrior, he ventured his was back to the south, no-one knew what would be awaited.


In his return to Edgeville, he would look strange at how people looked at him, unknowing how mutilated he was, when he came home, neither his father nor his mother recognized him, he finally snapped entirely, slaughtering his parents, once he saw himself in the mirror, he cried in agony, grabbing the mask he had once taken from another adventurer in the wilderness, putting it on over his face, running back into the wilderness, not seen untill a few years later.