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aka Darth Ingiof, The Emperor's Wrath

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June 15, 2013
  • I live in Hell. You?
  • My occupation is King
  • I am feMALE
This pretty much sums me up.
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One Does Not Simply GTA1
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Capsule J/Oofo/Gauser/Smarta - Known for his Roflmao's.

Syndromeramo - The one with the many powerful antagonists.

OberonOracle - The one with the many characters in the one roleplay.

Elyjaah/Ely Fennec - Pokémon. Nothing else.

Cpt_Purgoo - Peaceful one.

Sonicteej - Passes down teachings.

Killup444 - Completely ghey.

Dimitri V - "Shh, Roleplaying."

Ghostly Road/John Strum - The one, that has forgotten how we even met.

Cedas - I'unno what to say for him.

Russty1123 - Badass.

Arthur Fish1 - Left, but never forgotten.

Manofledgend - Troubled by a mistake, but still will be remembered.

Loshad4 - Dat Vyre.

Vhosythe42 - The 'manipulator'.

Mercenary5 - Dat average cool guy.

Alfa - Meows. Full of meows.

Keith - For sticking through things.

Cresden - Epic-cool-awesome-guy.

To all those on this list. You are apart of the Cresdor army.

Sam Drackley
Wizards Tower Character, Sam Drackley.
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My favorite pages I guess?

One Does Not Simply..
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My Main Characters On World 41

Sam Drackley - The Wizards' Tower - Returned

Lord James Hansburg - City Of Varrock - Killed in a duel by King Weardsten 

King Alden Branshaw - Kingdom Of Lumbridge

Count James Cour - Empire Of Asgarnia - Deceased, executed by the NGR.

Jake Drinkutula - City Of Varrock - Location Unknown

Roy Granger - Falador - Housecarl - Deceased

About Me

I started Roleplaying around the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012. I started out in the City of Varrock F2P Roleplay owned by Jibletfirzen. My first character was a Zamorak Priest which later he got rid of and made a General Store Owner character which now works in Tristans Press today. I then made a Edgeville Roleplay with his character named King George. Who later changed to Prime Minister George and declared war on Falador and ended up surrendering.

Early in 2013, I am currently the Co-Leader Of Varrock, an Ambassador in Lumbridge, Archmage at the Wizards' Tower, and a Lord in Varrock.

Today, just an Ambassador in Lumbridge and Archmage at the Wizards' Tower.

Got a problem with me? Tell me, I can take anything. I seriously don't give a *insert whatever you want*

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