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aka Darth Ingiof, The Emperor's Wrath

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June 15, 2013
  • I live in Hell. You?
  • I was born on March 9
  • My occupation is King
  • I am feMALE

This pretty much sums me up.

One Does Not Simply GTA1


King Alden

King Alden in his formal wear.

Roy Granger

Roy in his armor back when he fought for Arthsenhal.


Capsule J/Oofo/Gauser/Smarta - Known for his Roflmao's.

Syndromeramo - The one with the many powerful antagonists.

OberonOracle - The one with the many characters in the one roleplay.

Elyjaah/Ely Fennec - Pokémon. Nothing else.

Cpt_Purgoo - Peaceful one.

Sonicteej - Passes down teachings.

Killup444 - Completely ghey.

Dimitri V - "Shh, Roleplaying."

Ghostly Road/John Strum - The one, that has forgotten how we even met.

Cedas - I'unno what to say for him.

Russty1123 - Badass.

Arthur Fish1 - Left, but never forgotten.

Manofledgend - Troubled by a mistake, but still will be remembered.

Loshad4 - Dat Vyre.

Vhosythe42 - The 'manipulator'.

Mercenary5 - Dat average cool guy.

Alfa - Meows. Full of meows.

Keith - For sticking through things.

Cresden - Epic-cool-awesome-guy.

To all those on this list. You are apart of the Cresdor army.

Sam Drackley

Wizards Tower Character, Sam Drackley.

My favorite pages I guess?

  • James Hansburg

    Lord Jeremy Hansburg Of Varrock.

One Does Not Simply..

My Main Characters On World 41

Sam Drackley - The Wizards' Tower - Returned

Lord James Hansburg - City Of Varrock - Killed in a duel by King Weardsten 

King Alden Branshaw - Kingdom Of Lumbridge

Count James Cour - Empire Of Asgarnia - Deceased, executed by the NGR.

Jake Drinkutula - City Of Varrock - Location Unknown

Roy Granger - Falador - Housecarl - Deceased

About Me

I started Roleplaying around the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012. I started out in the City of Varrock F2P Roleplay owned by Jibletfirzen. My first character was a Zamorak Priest which later he got rid of and made a General Store Owner character which now works in Tristans Press today. I then made a Edgeville Roleplay with his character named King George. Who later changed to Prime Minister George and declared war on Falador and ended up surrendering.

Early in 2013, I am currently the Co-Leader Of Varrock, an Ambassador in Lumbridge, Archmage at the Wizards' Tower, and a Lord in Varrock.

Today, just an Ambassador in Lumbridge and Archmage at the Wizards' Tower.

Got a problem with me? Tell me, I can take anything. I seriously don't give a *insert whatever you want*

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